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Family Law Attorneys

DuPage County lawyer Brian Nigohosian

Brian Nigohosian

Brian Nigohosian is known as a skilled litigator who is able to direct his clients towards a successful resolution of their cases. He works hard to establish trust based relationships with each client, and provides the guidance necessary to get them to their goal. He employs an approach that provides his clients with the maximum amount of information with which to make an informed decision. While the majority of cases result in a settlement, he has found that the best approach is to prepare each case thoroughly, thereby placing his clients in a strong position to settle, or if necessary, litigate.

Wheaton IL lawyer Michelle Dahlquist

Michelle Dahlquist

Michelle Dahlquist concentrates her practice in complex family law matters, including divorce, legal separation, paternity, pre and post-judgment issues, premarital agreements, and appeals. She has extensive experience handling issues of child custody and visitation; property identification and distribution; child support, maintenance and unallocated support; orders of protection; contribution to college expenses; and various other issues relating to pre- and post-judgment family law litigation. Ms. Dahlquist provides clients with an explanation of his/her legal rights and applicable law, so that a client can make an informed decision on the relevant issue.

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