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Nigohosian & Dahlquist, P.C. Reviews

Exceeding expectations! by DC
"Michelle helped modify multiple issues with my original divorce order. She was beyond professional, informational, prompt, available, and extremely caring. She also assisted in several matters that emerged between my ex wife and two daughters and had my daughters best interest sincerely at heart. After my case was complete she even called to check on how my daughters were doing. I highly recommended Michelle to anyone, she is absolutely a pleasure to work with."
Easy to work with by Vicky
"Brian was referred to me by a friend. He is very nice and easy to work with. He communicated with me in a timely fashion and was very responsive. He was the epitome of professionalism. He always looked out for my best interests, even when I didn't necessarily agree with him. He took a fresh approach to my situation, which I had gotten too emotional about. He has a great assistant who got my messages to him accurately and was patient throughout the process. His office seems to be professional and caring. I highly recommend Brian and his staff."
Excellent choice! by ASL
"Michelle's professionalism and knowledge outshines in the court room. She is extremely honest and very easy to work with. She kept me informed and was very prompt with returning e-mails and phone calls. Even after my case was complete she kept in contact to make sure things were going smoothly. She's a passionate and trustworthy attorney to have on your side. I've referred Michelle to a few friends and they have equally loved her!"
Excellent Divorce Lawyer by Josh
"Brian was an excellent advisor that kept me informed every step of the way through my divorce. He was always professional and very straight forward. Given the nature of my case, he helped me close my case out within 3 months! (Although I've been told that this isn't typical) Brian kept the fees fair and also gave me a fair agreement with my ex-wife while also keeping in mind my rights as a father. I hope I never have to do it again... however, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't think twice about using Brian again."
Recomended to anyone by satisfied client
"My ex-wife and I wound up in court twice, working to resolve custody and support issues. Michelle Dahlquist guided me through both of these cases, and I can't imagine having any other attorney at my side. She is creative and professional even in the most challenging moments, always acting with my daughter's best interests at heart. Thanks to her counsel, I now have greater access to the child I love, and a more predictable arrangement with that child's mother.
I trust and respect Michelle so much that when she switched law firms, I moved with her to the new firm. Whenever I learn that someone else needs a family attorney, I recommend Michelle. I just can't say enough!"
Highly Recommended by Thomas
"I have had Mr. Nigohosian handle several matters over the years. Every case has been handled with extreme professionalism. With "trust" being something hard to find these days I would have absolutely no issues trusting any case in his hands. He recently handled a case that was very sensitive for our family and from beginning meetings, to final court appearances and closure Mr. Nigohosian was honestly "the reason" things ended up well. The words "attorney" and "trust" are not often used together but I would definitely put Mr. Nigohosian on the top of the integrity scale. Highly recommend him as an attorney but even more as a "guide" through some difficult issues."
Dedicated - Efficient by Lisa
"I went through an complex divorce which basically left me with very little if any visitation. I was given Michelle's information from a friend who had used her previously and highly recommended her. I immediately contacted her and she got the ball rolling. Michelle embodies every sense of what it means to be an attorney. Our fight was long but she succeeded where my previous attorney had miserably failed me. She was on my side every step of the way and knowing that she was there made the process that much easier. Michelle always kept me updated on the latest in the case, she encouraged me to think outside of the box and she provided extremely insightful knowledge of the law which put my concerns at ease. We were able to get full visitation rights and now my son comes over every day to see me thanks to Michelle. I can't say enough great things about her and her ethics. Her determination at times I think actually fueled my own. Michelle you are an amazing attorney and my family can't thank you enough."
It is over by Cindy
"I can not say enough about Brian. I had two other lawyers and was really confused when I went to see Brian. I was getting divorce and there where properties and companies involved. He told me exactly what we needed to do and in the order in which we needed to do it. When I left his office I knew exactly what I had to do and what he was going to do. I walked out of his office for the first time confident that I had found the right lawyer. I never felt rushed with Brian he answered all of my questions and never made me feel like I had asked a question that didn't need to be asked. His office staff from the receptionist to his legal assistant were always so friendly and helpful. I never had a problem getting a hold of Brian when I left a message and I always received a phone call back. I was very impress with Brian at the second visit. As we sat down at the conference table he knew and remembered everything we had discussed at our first meeting. Which was a lot. There were many many pieces to my divorce . I never had to remind him of anything so I didn't have that fear he would forget something or leave something out. Everything Brian said he would have done by the next time we meet he had done. I knew when Brian had to talk with my husbands lawyer or the Judge he knew all of the facts about the case. Brian always made sure the case was moving. I always felt like Brian was looking out for my best interest. I trusted Brian and I am so glad I did. I hope none of my family or friends have to go through a divorce but if they do I have the lawyer for them."
Review by Kristin
"I would recommend Michelle Dahlquist to anyone that I know. She was professional, sweet, and fought for everything that I asked for. Thanks Michelle!"
Highly Recommended by satisfied client
"Mr. Nigohosian came to the rescue when my last attorney was failing me. I was loosing everything due to a vindictive ex-wife. A huge thank you to Mr. Nigohosian for flying in with his cape, his vast knowledge of the law, his professionalism, his understanding and his wisdom. I feel confident knowing he is on my side and ready to defend me. He's been there for me several times now and I've come out on top. He's helped me move on with my life in a very positive direction."
Amazing job by Daniel
"I have had the honor to have Michelle Dahlquist represent me in my divorce case. My case was rather unique and difficult. Upon each arrival, Michelle arrived in a very professional manner and professional dress attire. She took time to explain some of the possible outcomes of my case including the good and bad. I understood were I stood in my case and understood to worse possible outcome. Michelle brought my whole file with her (about 6 inches thick, labeled and organized) and had notes on every aspect she would be bring up to the judge and the other attorney. She was by far more prepared then the other attorney and well spoken with confidence and respect to all parties involved. My case definitely got the best possible outcome. The judge really took a liking to my attorney and my case because of how calm and organized Michelle was. The best feeling you can received when working with the best professional is when you win and when the security officer on your way out says you have a great attorney, “WOW”..! On top of this, other people started to come up to her to ask her for her opinion and to congratulate her on a job well done. Thank you so much and I will always refer you to everyone I know!!!"
Highly recommended by Michelle
"Brian Nigohosian has been my divorce attorney for nearly 8 years. He is definitely a no-nonsense attorney, who has worked tirelessly for me and my children. Brian is straight-forward and tenacious, and he was successful in ensuring that my children and I were protected during my divorce. Sadly, my ex and I have gone back to court a couple of times throughout the last 8 years, and every time, Brian is successful in achieving what is best for my family, both financially and with my parenting agreement. If you're reading this review, then you know how emotionally exhausting this process can be. Brian never failed to make me feel that he was in control, and he encouraged me to allow him to do what he does best--WIN, and achieve results.
I highly recommend Brian, and strongly disagree with the aforementioned reviews that suggest that he favors males or that he thinks less of women. He works for his client, regardless of gender (I have a very close male friend who used Brian to achieve a superb outcome, as well). if you need a great lawyer--you just found one."
Cannot Get Better by Ed
"Michelle Dahlquist did a tremendous job in representing me in my divorce. She provided wise and timely advice at every step in the process. I could not have had better legal counsel and recommend her highly."
The Best Divorce Lawyer by Kelly
"Brian Nigohosian started out as my lawyer and became a true friend! He is an excellent advisor, professional, no-nonsense/ straightforward lawyer and intimidating to the apposing counsel because he knows his stuff and is well respected in the community. I trusted him and he delivered on everything that I asked for in the settlement. My biggest concern was my son and he pushed to have child custody agreed upon/implemented first before financials to limit the bargaining power my now ex-husband would have. Brian knew my case and the type of man I was divorcing and strategically played my ex-husband and cut him off at every turn. When my divorce was final even by ex-husband had to admit how great of a job Brian did. Thank you Brian for getting me through one of the toughest times in my life. I couldn't have done it without your support and the empowerment you gave me throughout the process. I highly recommend Brian Nigohosian!!"
Excellent attorney by Kevin
"Ms. Dahlquist provided excellent support throughout the process. She was thorough and kept me informed of each detail and request that required. She prepared me for the process and made sure all of my questions were answered. Very professional."
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